viernes, 3 de noviembre de 2006

Signos del Topo: A way of poetic activity

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     Signos del Topo [Topo’s signs] wants to bring creations and liberties to the fight for a deserved living world. For that, we must do all that is to our reach to maintain a living poetic activity that doesn’t growth to support the dominant culture in the capitalist society.
     Remain independent of the powers of oppression and misery is not a requirement that can be meant without difficulty, whatever field they are acting. Between repression and flattery, Capital society tries all variants of recovery and assimilation, renewed every step.
     Signos del Topo wants to be an instrument of this necessary independence – poetic, intellectual and political – against culture domination. It is a selective tool, but not exclusive; implies individual pulses and, obviously, that of collective thing which is inside the individual.
     Signos del Topo is critical and challenging as well. It’s a way of poetic activity. It does not escape from the obligation and commitment towards the collective activity that aims to overthrow the civilize regime of barbarism (or barbaric civilization) that humanity seems to be proposed roll forever.
     And it is from this place that we want to do also our contribution to the workers struggle to impose their own revolutionary socialist government and, consequently, progress in reinventing and realize an equalitarian, libertarian common, without “private properties”, exploitation and oppression, nor bosses neither submitted, and in which strict meets that saying “to each one according to their needs, to each one according their possibilities”.
     We are for unity, solidarity and unconditional defense of the victims of abuse from the capitalist and imperialist barbarism. We are for international unity of workers and exploited peoples in their resistance and struggle against capitalism, imperialism and barbarism.
     Yes, is much what we want: we want international socialism, freedom and social and human dignity. But a clear distinction between one’s dreams and illusions that the “political and social reality” (capitalist) propose us.
     Signos del Topo is a unique dream and a reality at the moment of it fusion: the concrete poetic movement in time and space, in a changing world.

(Buenos Aires, november 3, 2006)

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